Technical Documentation

The development of technical manualistics is an integral part of Kreacta’s services. The development of technical manualistics, such as the risk analysis document, is fundamental in any engineering project and requires specific skills.

The drafting of technical specifications for products, processes and an operational development plan is the basis for starting any design activity and further analysis. It should always be taken into account what output documentation needs to be prepared, in order for it to be effective for use by other clients, business entities or suppliers downstream in the production process.

During the design phase and at the client’s request, Kreacta’s team of qualified experts will take care of:

  • Drafting of manuals and technical catalogs
  • Realization of spare parts catalogs
  • Technical rendering
  • Technical file of the machines

To accompany the project, we develop the specific technical documentation related to the various phases: assembly and installation instructions (for technicians and workshop), use and maintenance instructions and procedures for the customer and end-of-life disposal procedures. 

In addition to being printed, all documentation can also be prepared for digitized access by means of multimedia versions – static or interactively animated – which can also be accessed via smartphones, directly near the machinery or installation.

This minimizes the possibility of error, the risks in performing certain operations, and the need to translate a lot of text into different languages with optimization of costs and increase of the corporate image towards customers.

Machinery Technical File

In Kreacta we provide support for the creation of the Technical File, a part of the design documents that evolves as the machine takes shape, up to testing and installation. Use and maintenance manual machine directive, fmea analysis, technical illustration and verification and testing.

The Technical File is an added value. In Kreacta we can create it for each project, because it offers the client a considerable advantage: it acts as a collector of all the project documentation in a single structure, for greater synthesis and clarity.

The application of our specification management system for the structuring of the dossier allows us to follow the project development process in a documental way, thus having a historical trace of its progress and meeting the regulatory requirements.

The technical dossier is managed, at the customer’s request, in all its parts from the beginning of the activities.

Project Validation

Validation and verification are fundamental phases to be developed immediately, before the final realization of the project.

Thanks to the design verification, the real possibility of realization is evaluated – both from the technical and economic point of view – the safety and efficiency of the project, the economic benefits, the functionality and maintainability over time. 

Whether it is a prototype machine as a single unit, or a prototype for the optimization of a series, having a validation process of production and regulatory requirements – as well as a first constructive optimization – is an essential competitive advantage.

Precisely because it is crucial in the mechanical design phase, the verification and validation of the project – and in general the drafting of accurate technical manualistics – is a service to which Kreacta dedicates time, resources and the best skills of its qualified staff.

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