About us

We are specialized in technical consultancy and2D/3D mechanical design of special and automatic machines, equipment, complete production lines, and installations for industrial production in general.

We provide high-quality outsourcing services, and we support companies in developing new engineering projects.

We offer full solution flexibility. We support the companies with a range of 360° services, consultancy, and technical design for the industry, in full respect of confidentiality and the know-how received.

Thanks to constant updating, our team knows how to respond to customers’ requests with extreme flexibility, innovating and optimizing processes and costs, developing custom solutions.

Vision and mission

Kreacta is a consulting and design company, created to support the innovation and competitiveness of companies in the development of products and technologies, from the creative phase to the industrialization phase.

Thanks to its accumulated experience and continuous search for cutting-edge solutions, Kreacta shares and offers know-how and high-tech services.

Our mission is to build true partnership relationships with the customer, paying the utmost attention to their needs.

In particular:

  • We seek innovative, functional, and economical solutions
  • We stand out for our high professionalism, deriving from years of experience and technical competence
  • We believe in “integrative engineering”: we provide our technical support by integrating the knowledge acquired over years of projects with the specific skills of our clients, in a “mix that turns into a real capacity for innovation” (Pietro Pometti).


The experience gained, the continuous updating of our employees, and the high level of professionalism are key values that make Kreacta an extremely dynamic, flexible partner able to meet the demands and requirements typical of medium and large companies.

We know how to respond to the expectations of an extremely heterogeneous clientele, in multidisciplinary and disparate environments, through a wide and complete offer of innovative services and technological solutions.

Flexibility, availability, and technical competence are the firm’s true strengths.


In compliance with D. Lgs. 196/2003 regarding the protection of personal data and the new EU Regulation 2016/679 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Kreacta is bound to the absolute confidentiality regarding the data and information it is to process during its activities, including related material, in whatever form it may be. To increase security to 360°, the firm implemented several security systems in 2018 and upgraded the IT structure able to guarantee protection and confidentiality at multiple levels in the processing and management of data.


Every member of Kreacta is careful to develop the activities with the utmost professionalism and concentration. Providing a quality service is one of the firm’s main objectives to be a reliable partner. We work with the same tools and procedures as our clients to develop projects that meet the needs, methodologies, specifications, and procedures required.

Software used

The Kreacta team uses highly innovative technical instruments, design software, business intelligence, and management software to monitor its efficiency and processes.