Cost analysis

Industrialization is part of a process that completes the design and development work, with an optimization of the project according to the objective: big or small.

The Customer is provided with a detailed and tailor-made production cost analysis, so that he knows how to operate and which choices to implement for a better cost optimization.

The choice of optimal processes, also in function of overall energy saving and environmental respect, is part of the analysis of the whole plant before and during the development of the project.

Technical Consulting

The mechanical design consultancy services offered by Kreacta allow the client to receive targeted support based on the characteristics of his project. 

Analyzing the technical specifications, the client’s needs and the production and budget constraints, we carry out a feasibility study focusing on the most binding or critical components and processes. This step is fundamental for the development of a correct and optimal design.

A proven remote management system allows us to follow and monitor the entire consulting and design process, involving the customer and keeping him updated on the development of activities.


Kreacta follows the whole process of product design and engineering, supporting the Client and guiding him towards the most functional options. 

The efficiency of the entire production process must be carefully analyzed both in the initial pre-study phase and in the final prototyping phase.

Whether the process is completed with a single machine or an entire production line, each phase is engineered individually and with reference to the previous (and subsequent) phases. In this way, continuity and safety are guaranteed throughout the entire process.

Equipment layout

Among the engineering services offered by the Kreacta team, there is also the design of industrial plant layouts. Starting from the preliminary layout, we come to replace the presumed machines with the final ones, which will then be used for the actual installation.

The realization of the layout integrates different engineering and industrialization skills. It can also be carried out on existing plants, so that already adequate processes can be adapted to new and additional needs.

Among the main objectives, Kreacta considers:

  • The simplification of the flow of materials to minimize distances, transport and related costs
  • The best use of available space
  • A versatile production process that is always open to possible expansion

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