Job coaching

Kreacta offers consultancy services and on-the-job training, with a targeted accompaniment to the training of personnel according to the directives and needs of the project itself on which they are working. Training on the job is not only a mere coaching of the staff: it is to provide the client’s resources with knowledge and experience derived from having faced and solved real and specific situations in the technical field. Our specialization and the multidisciplinary staff allows us to prepare and implement specific technical training plans for individual needs. The technical training that Kreacta carries out is a training with practical objectives. The theoretical part is used only when it is essential and to support the real execution of the activities. The technical office organization is part of the qualified support provided to companies, including the mechanical design consultancy service. Constant assistance, support and full dedication on specific macro areas of intervention, improves methodologies and optimizes processes, especially when it is not possible to manage resources internally. At Kreacta we believe in the power of working side by side with the customer: it is what develops the right synergy between needs and competences, and what will then allow the achievement of real value-added results.

Systems consulting

Kreacta follows the entire realization, starting from the design to the finished product. The mechanical consultancy services also include inspections at the customer’s premises or at the final destination, and on-site assistance to support the installation of machinery, mechanical components and systems. 

In this way, our resources are integrated with the professionalism of our specialized technicians and engineers, who are assiduously present at the Customer’s side even at the company headquarters.

Drawing techniques and industrial design

Support also includes the study and development of the best parametric design techniques for specific systems or types of machines, always tailored to the project at hand.

We are not software experts, but we are experts in how to use software and processes in business cases and for solving real and actual problems, and not simply teaching the tool.

This phase is a guideline that follows the project development process and the customer’s requests, to align and take stock of what has already been done and what instead needs to be customized or made from scratch, up to the support in the assembly phase at the end of the cycle.

This includes:

  • Monitoring the progress of the project
  • Choosing the use of certain techniques or technologies
  • Performing all necessary analyses
  • Extrapolation of technical specifications that are as dry and vertical as possible (through the exclusive Kreacta SpecificaTOP method)

Outsourcing Mechanical Design

This is the main service provided by Kreacta for companies. Relying on an external support for your design, brings significant advantages: 

  • Cost optimization (which internally remain fixed)
  • Competences of professionals at your complete disposal
  • Process innovation: analysis and support in the development and realization of the product
  • The use of SpecificaTOP, a time-tested proprietary method – exclusive to Kreacta – that will guarantee the linearity of the entire project

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