In all mechanical design activities, Kreacta implements and scrupulously follows a consolidated and structured approach in several stages:

  • feasibility analysis
  • study, research, and development
  • design of the elements
  • assembly and analysis of functionality and maintenance

Using modeling, simulation, and project management software, Kreacta develops the design components of the various functional groups and assembles them with appropriately selected and sized commercial components.

Constructive 2D drawings are prepared with all the information relating to materials, heat and surface treatments, and any special manufacturing processes that the function of the component requires, or according to the machinery to be used.

All customized according to the specific indications or procedures adopted within or within the sector or company.

Industrial Automation

The Kreacta Team is specialized in the design of industrial automation systems and systems, machinery, and equipment in very different sectors: from manufacturing to energy, from transport to scientific research, from design to furniture, from distribution to production.

The automation process is also always analyzed and adjusted according to the sector, the productivity, or the delicacy of the materials, so that it is coordinated in several stages and can thus replace manual operations as best as possible.

Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility analysis of a project – by means of kinematic analysis and simulations – evaluates the possibilities of realization of a project from a technical and economic point of view.

Each step is always analyzed point by point, considering internal and external factors. This reduces the risk of unexpected events in subsequent phases and allows for timely, faster, and more effective intervention.

The analysis services offered by Kreacta as a partner are:

  • Technical studies to compare alternative cost, performance, and speed scenarios
  • assessment of economic benefits
  • functionality and maintainability over time

Technical Drawing

Immediately after the preliminary phase of gathering information, a work plan (concept) is drawn up and the actual product study (basic design) begins.

The project begins to take shape and the feasible alternatives are analyzed from a technical/constructive point of view. At this stage, the first drawings are shared and analyzed together with the Customer, who thus becomes an active part of the whole project.

Once the most advantageous solution has been identified, we move on to the actual mechanical design stage, using 3D CAD software for modeling and completing the industrial design.

The choice of development of the design phase with 2D or 3D CAD is analyzed and evaluated directly with the Customer, not only according to their own working standard, but also according to the complexity and completeness of the information they want to obtain.

We approach the entire mechanical design cycle in a “virtual” way, using advanced design tools, keeping all project information under constant control.

Reverse Engineering

From a detailed analysis of the operation of machines or processes, reverse engineering can be carried out to further optimize development time and costs.

This allows us to perform 3D physical surveys on machines and components, acquire existing drawings and integrate these groups into new, prototypical or product engineering projects.

Industrial Installation Design

We design industrial installation for entire production lines.

We deal with:

  • industrial installation projects
  • study, design, and construction of installation
  • organization and management of company and industrial production processes
  • technology of production processes

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