Product design and development

Among its Industrial Design services, Kreacta also deals with product development, focusing on feasible solutions with a stylistic and creative orientation.

During the development process of a new product, details such as:

  • ergonomics of shapes
  • new trends
  • applicable technologies

All this, always in line with the targets set by the customer: each design decision determines the following ones, therefore a correct organization of the production (starting from the feasibility analysis of the concept – the idea – up to the research of the best methodologies to realize it) has the aim to make the final work not only real, but above all efficient.

In Kreacta we provide all our experience in Industrial Design to meet the needs of our customers and their companies, realizing the desires on which they have invested, together.

The way we do this involves:

an effective management of costs and services, thanks to a targeted consultancy
a continuous process of creation, research, strategy and innovation
the application of cutting-edge techniques and technologies, adapted to the achievement of objectives and capable of improving the individual elements of planning
the ability to generate solutions with added value
an attentive approach to the client’s needs, without neglecting any detail

Research and Development

The Kreacta team’s expertise in Industrial Design offers you continuous and personalized support in this area as well:

research and development of prototypes

We are familiar with the processes that lead from the idea to the granting of the patent, supporting the Industrial Property Consultants in the operational development of projects that have been assigned subsidised or non-repayable grants. This gives rise to a synergic collaboration between professionals, which is completed by the use of our proprietary method SpecificaTOP, to make evidence and trace all the activities carried out.

We always work with a view to growth and research of new materials, new technologies and new processes, in order to generate an increase in opportunities and make decisions that can then be effective. In addition, Kreacta provides support and coaching to anyone who decides to join calls, funding and facilities related to research, development and innovation activities for the creation of new products.

Relying on external professionals who are able to analyse both the projects and possible problems, optimizes the resources made available by the financing and offers a unique advantage, especially from an economic point of view.

3D Modeling

Part of the 3D design process, our modeling services are developed thanks to a proven experience in the use of 3D CAD design software. Our technical and digital structure and organization allows us to work with the same CAD and management systems as the client, respecting parameters and procedures in full security and in compliance with GDPR regulations, even working remotely. In addition to technical rendering, this allows us to perform:
  • DIGITAL PROTOTYPING – Combined with Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, they allow us to have from the earliest stages, digital prototypes on which to make the first functional and work cycle checks, ergonomic simulations in scale and realistic setting, so as to have a complete perception even before the construction of any component.
These digital phases allow to minimize the physical changes to the real prototypes, lowering both the economic impact and the timing of the project progress.
  • PHYSICAL PROTOTYPING – Prototype development requires multidisciplinary skills and years of experience that Kreacta’s team possesses and makes available to clients. The prototype development phases require very quick interactions and the possibility to modify the project, identifying the single points where to intervene.
Our experience in mechanical machining, assembly and manufacturing processes and production management allow us to support the physical construction of the prototype at the client’s premises or at their sub-suppliers’ premises in full autonomy, keeping the information and the evolution of the project constantly updated and traced.

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